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Swiss Implant Register - SIRIS

The new validation concept is available online: www.siris-implant.ch (ger, fr, ita).

For more information to SIRIS and the SIRIS foundation please have a look at www.siris-implant.ch

Updated information on patient consent on siris-implant.ch

For more information, please contact Mr Andreas Mischler.

The current SIRIS forms can be downloaded on the SIRIS homepage.

The updated user manual (german, french) provides you with information on user administration, recording patients and implants, among other things.

You can subscribe to the SIRIS newsletter under the following link. This way you will always receive the latest information: Newsletter registration

If you are interested, we would be happy to hold live webinars for your clinic. Your clinic administrator is welcome to contact us for this. You can view webinars that have already been held here:

Incomplete cases (german)

Different systems (french)

Data entry (german)

User management (french)

Responsibilities of the administrator (german)

Registration (french)

Administrative functions (german)

Data entry (french)


Data download (french)

The Swiss Implant Registry SIRIS hip & knee

Every year around 22,000 artificial hip joints and 18,000 artificial knee joints are implanted throughout Switzerland. About 800 doctors in 157 clinics carry out the interventions. About 95% of these hip and knee implants are already recorded in SIRIS. This medical registry makes a valuable contribution to the detailed assessment of the long-term implant or treatment quality and serves as an early warning system for product and process errors. The holder of this register is the Foundation for Quality Assurance in Implantation Medicine. This independent and non-profit organization was founded in 2007 by Swiss Orthopedics, Swiss Medtech and santésuisse.

Further information on the SIRIS Foundation and the Register can be found at www.siris-implant.ch


General questions to SIRIS and the SIRIS-Registry:

+41 (0) 33 335 02 79



+41 (0)31 684 59 66


Technical issues:

+41 (0)31 684 31 18


Questions about Implants:

+41 (0)31 684 56 40