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Swiss Implant Register - SIRIS

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Welcome to the SIRIS, the Swiss implant registry provided by SwissRDL

Quality measuring instrument in the implantation medicine

SIRIS is currently underway with the registration of hip and knee implantations. In Switzerland approximately 20,000 artificial hip joints and 16,000 artificial knee joints per year are implanted. The annual growth rates are impressive with 1% for the hip joints and 4 - 5% for the knee joints. Switzerland is the home to 10 major producers and distributors of implants which are then implanted by approximately 400 physicians in approximately 160 hospitals. Thus the endoprosthetics market is an economic factor not to be neglected.

The goals of the Siris register are:

  • Early warning system with implant failure
  • Indicator for complications with the operational interference
  • Instrument for benchmarking under industry and hospitals
  • Database for results of long-term and survival rate

If you have any questions about passwords, registration, user management or anything else, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our support team is ready for you:

+41 31 631 59 66


New User:

If you want to register for SIRIS we would kindly ask you to contact the administrator of your hospital. Drop us an email if you don't know you SIRIS administrator at your clinic.


For more information please visit the website www.siris-implant.ch